More fun with the SexFL!

Mike in the Mirror is the third SexFL book, about Mike Santini and his near-double Tim Angeli. When they have to perform together, are they up to the task?

Check it out at Amazon, AllRomance, and Smashwords. Coming soon to Barnes & Noble and other outlets.


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Retro motels and hot strangers…

Dawn South’s Checking in the Stranger features a big, beautiful woman as its heroine; a graphic designer named Sandi who’s spent her life in her sister’s shadow. When she meets handsome artist Carl, she learns that there’s at least one man out there who appreciates her gorgeous curves.

Get the book from your favorite e-publisher!

Checking in the Stranger at AllRomance

At Amazon

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Are You Ready for Some Football?

Do you like sports? Dawn South is ready to introduce you to the SexFL, a football league with a twist. The game features a stripped-down team and players who were chosen for their looks as well as their talent; after the final whistle blows, things get really hot. 

Kevin Takes on the Team and Brian on the Bottom are available now!


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Live On the Air

Mona Midnight’s romantic, sweet Live on the Air is now published!

Get it at Amazon or AllRomance. Smashwords coming soon!


(Photo by pasukaru76 on Flickr; used under Creative Commons.)

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Getting ready to post our second book!


It’s a romantic, sexy love story by Mona Midnight. The cover is done, we’re just formatting the text now; it should hit virtual bookshelves soon!

It’s also our first historical work – it’s set all the way back in the 1980s. Yes, 1980s, so we don’t think it counts as historical fiction. It’s amazing how quickly things become part of our past, though…like the record player.

(Thanks to nimble photography on Flickr for the great image.)

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What does “Sweet and Spicy Romance” mean?

Fragrant Water Lilies

It means we think romance is dull without a little heat, whether it be conflict, suspense, or just sexy good times.

…To be fair, it also means we like food.

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